G20 Fitness Tracker User Manual

In order to activate your Fitness Tracker and fully access its features you will have to download and install the FlagFit 2.0 App from App Store or Play Store and connect your watch to your mobile phone through it. Initially, you will have to establish the Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and fitness tracker. Here is the Step-by-step instruction on how to do it:

Once you have installed the Flagfit 2.0 App, open it and click the 'Me' button on the bottom right of the screen in order to access the personal settings. Click the add device option on top to start the Bluetooth scan for your watch (might rquire you to activate Bluetooth on your phone first):

The app will than scan for your fitness tracker and you will be bale to select it from the list and easily connect to it:
In a matter of seconds the device will connect and will run an update:
After that is done you will also be able to change the language to any of the available ones (even though it should automatically update to your operating system's default language):
You can also use all of the additional features and set up the push notifications, as well as fully customize the settings to your liking: